Sildar Hallwinter


A middle-aged human warrior with a scar over his right eye. Sildar is a kind and patient man with a deep respect for the law.


As a young man, Sildar was a respected member of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. When the time came for him to start a family, he moved to Waterdeep to live with his wife and newborn son, Thom. In Waterdeep, he again joined military service, this time as a member of the Griffon Cavalry.
One day, while defending against an attack by an orc clan, Sildar’s attention was caught by one half-orc girl who refused to swing her weapon in an attack. In a moment of compassion, he spared her life and took her into his family.
Years later, after a fight with her foster brother, his daughter left home, vanishing off to his home country of Cormyr. Sildar resigned himself to her waking her own path, but privately hoped that she would eventually come back.
Now, that hope has come true, but in a time when he has little ability to appreciate it. Sildar has been sent by his superiors in the Lord’s Alliance to provide stability in the small town of Phandalin, but it seems to be a harder task than anyone could have imagined.

Sildar Hallwinter

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